It seems really simple to backup and restore data. In fact this tool is very easy to manage and setup, but only people with deep knowledge, like the technicians WSU Tech can provide you, are capable of extracting the maximum resources of this function to offer your company exactly what it needs.

Scheduled Backup

Your data is crucial for your company’s work, unfortunately accidents may happen and your data may get lost, luckily it’s really easy to backup your files, emails and everything you need and our technicians can schedule the backup to happen as often as you want or as they advise you according to your needs. You can also select what time you want to run the backup to make sure all the work for that day is done.

Easily Recover Data

Windows Server backup is very reliable, as soon as it starts it will be soon concluded and the backup data will be there for you to restore if needed or wanted, until the next backup. If a important file is missing, an email log was lost, go back to your backup and restore it. You can restore just one file or the whole server. WSU Tech can put the power is in your hands. You call, we do.

Shadow Copies

Shadow Copies is one of the most amazing resources WSU Tech can provide and support you with. A Shadow Copy is a little space in your hard disk which you can save your whole data and log it. Our technician will create the space for a Shadow Copy, then every document will be saved and logged, allowing you to retrieve a document before a specific edit on it. As soon as it gets full, your shadow copy will delete the older logs.

You're the boss

It’s your data, so you decide how it’s dealt with. Final call is your, but our specialized advisors will be always available to answer your questions and provide valuable advice. Lots of things can be done with your data, where to save your backup? Cloud? External drive? How often should you do a backup? Do I need to backup all data or just some important directories?  WSU Tech will provide your company a fast solution tailored for it and well executed.