Bring Corporate safety solutions from Aker security to your company

Besides all functionalities offered by firewalls, Aker has more advanced security solutions. With it's own powerful and reliable hardware, this proprietary software is one of the best options in the market. As an authorized reseller, WSU Tech sets up Aker for you and are ready 24/7 to help with any eventual issue.

Why WSU Tech & Aker

Aker is a brazilian firewall software, used among big, medium and small companies, either private or public. Aker is the leading firewall software in Brazil because it offers a great cost/benefit relation and qualified support.

WSU Tech is an authorized reseller and has in it's team multiple qualified technicians to support and set-up your firewall.

We can also offer to portuguese speakers living abroad support and help in their native language.


Indispensable function which block e-mails with malicious content and spam bots. Reduce hard-disk usage and safety risk using anti-spam procedures.
Bridge Mode
Among the advantages of the Bridge Mode there is the minimization of human interference and setting time in the process that restricts firewall using jumps. Make it work hidden in your network.
Sign everything you do. On-line transactions, e-mails, network changes…
Aker can integrate itself with antivirus’ servers to monitor applications and softwares which shows some kind of vulnerability that offers risk to the environment. Aker acts detecting, removing and blocking files which got virus from the web browser, application who requires internet connection or e-mails.
If your need is to provide availability and scalability of access to your firewall system, Aker solves it by using a cluster keeping the network traffic optimized the whole time.
Message Filter
Advanced graphic interface to block and manage access to instant messages tools, such as Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo messenger and AOL messenger. You can control time spent in those tools and restrict communication just between same network users and log the conversations.
Wireless Solution
Long range wireless networks have issues to assure security in a geographic way. In this context Aker provides the WIDS service that uses an advanced detection and anti-invasion system for wireless networks to assure a high-level security.
Powerful Hardware
Even more powerful and with a high performance, the equipment of the brand new Aker Firewall UTM 6.7 offers better results and settings. It counts with 20 Giga of throughput , 64-bit architecture and up to 384 gigabytes of RAM memory.
Link Aggregation
With Link Aggregation you can define your network for that the intern systems and users access Internet through just one access link. However, using Aker’s graphic interface, your network can be set to work with multiple chained links to access the web.

FINEP 2010 innovation award is a thermostat to identify which companies are highlighted in the market and we're delighted to won this award!

Marcos Sarres, Aker’s CCO.