Control the Flow between your company and the internet

Boost Your Internet Access

With Squid you can setup an option to save the static content of frequently visited page, with this you’ll reduce the band usage and make it faster to access those pages, improving the performance. For example, if your employees access the BBC website too much, the static content will be saved and the next time someone tries to reach it, the static data will come from the cache, not the web.
Access Control
Control the access to internet by monitoring and filtering who can access what. Squid can make your company massively safer with WSU Tech’s technicians setting up your proxy as you want.
Manage exactly which groups can access what content, this way you can be assured that your employees can access what they strictly need to work. Simple, safe and reliable.
Specific Content
Compile a list of websites to be blocked is waste of time. Squid can offer tools to block certain types of content at once, this way you don’t need to worry about new ways to use social network or access prohibited content.