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IT Support 24/7

We provide you packages of hours, which you can acquire and use according to your needs. Our technician will be ready 24/7 to sort out your issues. Details»

Linux Server

You can count with our deep knowledge and specialized services  in RedHat, CentOS or Debian. We also provide assistance to your enterprise open source application. Details»


Improve the communication in your company. VoIP is a cheaper, more flexibe and easier to manage than a normal telephone. Details»

Desktop Support

Support to corporate desktops. Formatting, cleaning, virus removal service and others. Our technicians will put your desktop back working. Details»

Cloud Systems

We have skilled technicians who can manage, setup and support your cloud computing system. Private or public we can deliver the best of cloud computing resources to your company. Details»

Firewall and Proxy

With a range of softwares we make your network safe and allow you to control and monitor the behavior of your employees in your network. Details»

Windows Server

Windows Active Directory,DNS Microsoft, NT4 , 2000 , 2003, 2008. Have everything you need when it comes to a powerful MS Server with WSU Tech. Details»


Connecting businesses, home office and workplace via the VPN. Use the internet to have your very own and still, wide network. Details»


Wall Security Upper

WSU is a company who provides high security solutions for enterprise communication and IT infrastructure. We have as our goal the responsibility to promote a safe and efficient corporate environment. Providing services with responsibility and completing our designated tasks, WSU promotes their services in a clear way, with dedication and ethic.

The Power of Hard Work
Without doubts, having characteristics such as knowledge, experience, resilience and will are needed qualities to keep any company as a competitive one in the market. However, WSU brings more! WSU Tech is not just another IT company, we believe that hard work can act changing the final result, with the objective of constantly surprise our clients.

From Brazil to the World
Founded in Brazil, WSU started in 2010 operating, mainly, with Linux OS and Open Source. Motivated by challenges and market’s dynamism, our team included on it’s provided services a range of proprietary systems and cloud services, always aiming to offer for our clients the most developed technologies in the market.

Support Products

We Offer a Range of Products to Improve the IT Sector in your Company

We are passionate about Cloud Computing, and that’s why no one can provide you a better service than us.


Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, this firewall has a graphic interface which makes it easy and simple to manage.

Windows Server Backup

Easily restore and save data from your server’s clients. Our technicians can smoothly execute a backup and restore data, without compromising your work.


Zimbra is the ultimate corporate email resource you can use in your company. WSU Tech has the knowledge necessary for you to use the maximum of Zimbra.


We have a specialized team  in enterprise solutions using IaaS best options in the market, migration systems and tuning.


Control of content accessed by employees is a priority in a company that seeks for efficiency in productivity.

Samba 4

SAMBA4 has the potential to be the world’s most stable and safe File Server and corporate domain manager. WSU Tech can provide you the best of SAMBA4.


Proactive monitoring, and an advanced system of alerts and notifications by phone. Real-time information.

IT Support 24/7

We provide you packages of hours, which you can acquire and use according to your needs. Our technician will be ready 24/7 to sort out your issues


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