It’s not magic. It does exist.

A cheaper, faster, clearer and wider way of making calls: that's VoIP. All you need is a set equipment, which we can do for you, internet and in some cases a VoIP operator. Don't live in the past, use VoIP in your company.


As soon as the user picks-up the phone to start a call a signal is sent to the router’s  application with the message “phone out of it’s hook” and get in return the dialing tone.
The user then dials the desired number, which the digits are put together and saved by the application’s session. The gateways compare the saved digits with programmed numbers; when a match happens it makes a connection between the dialed address and the destiny gateway’s IP.
The application’s session runs a session protocol over the IP to establish a transmission and reception channel for each direction through the IP network. If the call is going out through a Private Automatic Branch Exchange, the gateway exchanges the digital analogical signalization with the PABX, informing about the call status.


If the destination number answers the call a real-time transfer protocol flux is established over  a User Datagram Protocol between origin and destiny gateways, making it possible to talk. When any of the phones hangs up, the session is over. You talk the talk, WSU Tech walks the walk.


Using VoIP brings plenty of advantages when compared to normal telephony solutions. Not to mention the economy it will bring to your company, leaving more budget to be invested in other areas, VoIP has noise-free calls, free calls in the same network, between head office and branches no matter where in the world you are. You just need internet connection.


Regular Phone VoIP
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* Depends on VoIP setup.

The deal breaker

The possibilities with VoIP are huge. It doesn't matter if you have a digital or analogical phone, VoIP can work with it. You can also download an App on your smartphone, setup your branch number on it and as long as you have internet you can make and receive free calls in your network through your smartphone. England, India, Marroco, US or doing home office. Wherever you are VoIP can reach you.