Cloud infrastructure in a global scale and expertise applied to expenditure reduction.

Amazon Web Services
AWS has multiple services contemplating cloud computation for a big variety and sizes of companies in the whole world. With a way of business which, in fact, aims to lower costs e raise resources to it’s thousands of clients in over 190 countries, AWS became a worldwide reference in distributed computational infrastructure, proving with competence for over a decade reliable, and scalable services.
WSU Tech offers the service of planning, setting and parameters improvement to optimize the use of a range of services provided by Amazon Web Services. Among them there is the “Amazon EC2”, a resource that provides the creation of servers with a high computational performance: “Auto Scaling” and “Elastic Load Balancing, escalation of databases “RDS” and monitoring all facilities provided by AWS: “CloudWatch”.
Lowered Costs
Among the main benefits of cloud computing there is the lowering of costs with infrastructure, and specialized man work. In this subject, AWS has a difference, making a lot of services available which has the lowest cost guaranteed for each case between different clients profiles. Smart models of costs, focusing in the time spent using the resources justify the acquisition of those services.
High Availability
WSU does a project of listing the needs, critical points and system failures caused by multiple accesses, so we can make sure the right resources from AWS will be applied, aiming to create a high availability environment. The problems can be sorted, for example, using self-redimensioning and infrastructure balancing, availability and redundancy through instances located in multiple geographic regions.
Your Need Today
We define the computational needs of your application. Always coming handy and with a elastic capacity, WSU Tech focus on costs and tracks it, having as our goal to reduce unnecessary expenditure with overrated resources.
Raise Quicky
Some companies knows that it’s application will have thousands of request in determined days, but they don’t know how to exactly measure the needed infrastructure to allocate the data traffic. In this scenario our specializes team set a system that quickly escalates the normal capacity when that’s not enough.

We are constantly expanding our global infrastructure to help our clients with a lower latency and higher throughput, making sure their data are just in the region they need it. As soon as our clients expands their business, AWS will keep providing a infrastructure that matches their global needs.

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Decrease Quickly
Obviously, raising servers to keep your application working costs money, but we are carefully aware to reduce the computational capacity in the meantime the application stops being requested by your clients. This way, costs will only grow while your application was strongly requested.
Globally Scalable
In some situations scale is not enough. You also need to guarantee that the application have high availability and then we can set a model of scalability that happens in different zones distributed in the whole world. This service allows your application to work even if one of the zones struggles with Internet connection.
Pay as you go
Pay only for what you use, without a minimal fare. The costs of a server is defined by the time he’s with the “running” status and considering the server settings. This directly impacts in the way the resources should be planned and adjusted according to the needed usage of each client/application.
WSU Expertise
The deep knowledge of AWS’ services is very important to plan the solutions that better fits your needs with the goal to drastically and rightly cut costs. AWS has multiple kinds of resources and services with different fares and WSU Tech knows this particularities.
Global Scale
One of the biggest advantages is the possibility of using the different availability zones divided along the whole world without a representative cost – in some situations without even additional cost. Those zones are big Data Centers which are used to lower the latency e are globally allocated, including Brazil and 13 availability zones in the US.
More Economy
More Economy: With WSU Tech support and expertise you save more as your company grows, making possible for our clients to swap the first investment expenditure for a variable low cost. Cloud computing allows that the costs with IT work are lowered not only initially, but also in a continued way.

Lower your infrastructure costs considerably.