Firewall and Proxy


We from WSU Tech always offer our clients the best option in the market. It's not different with the Firewall and Proxy softwares. We can supply and support you with both open source or proprietary softwares. No matter your choice WSU Tech can guarantee the safety of your company and all the support you need with a qualified technician, 24/7.


Is one of the firewalls with more options in the market. He’s highly reliable and WSU Tech is an authorized reseller of AKER. With the brand new Aker Firewall UTM 6.7 you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and nothing happens without you allowing to.


Is a open source based on FreeBSD providing a quality firewall for over a decade. What puts pfSense a step ahead of it’s similar softwares is a easy-to-manage graphic interface. The benefits of a open source software with reliance and practicality.


The leading open source platform worldwide is Linux. WSU Tech can help your company with a Linux specialized crew to setup your Linux-based firewall or provide assistance with any issues you may have with your firewall running Linux.

why use a firewall

Better Safe Than Sorry

You know what the ancient knowledge says about safety. WSU Tech can help you providing security tools that won’t allow anything you don’t want in you network: from an employee using social networks to a hacker trying to steal your data.

Professional Environment
Everyone knows how fun is to be at Facebook, WhatsApp and another social networks. Talking to your friends, liking the pictures of last weekend’s party, arguing about politics. The problem is that accessing this content may take a few hours of a work day from your employee and make his capacity lower. With the access management tools WSU Tech can provide you, you are able to restrict certain Web contents.
Your Data is Priceless

Unfortunately, lots of people use their knowledge with bad purposes, for example, stealing data from company’s and asking for a huge amount of money to restore it, other just burn the data or leak it in the internet. Aware of such problems, WSU Tech has a specialized team to set-up your firewall to avoid such malicious actions.


Groups and Times
We understand that different holes require different privileges when accessing the internet. Beyond that, some companies choose a scheduling of specific hours in which some websites and resources are free to be accessed. That’s why WSU Tech can help you to manage groups of employees with distinctive access privileges and also defines which hours the resources are available.
Access Report

With this resource you can have a statistic report about the online behavior of a group or a specific employee. When someone accesses the Internet, powerful tools start to work to compile deep production analysis and define educating and correcting procedures. Who uses more the Internet? How much time does this person spent with this? Which websites this person accesses?

Invasion Security

It’s not only big companies that suffer with hackers. Small and medium business are, nowadays, the main target of the raising number of cybernetic criminals. Those companies are way vulnerable, especially because they are used to postpone the appliance of defensive measures. WSU Tech can boost your security.

Access Control
Nowadays controlling the content your users access in the Internet is one of the biggest organizational issues. With that in mind we work to make it manageable for you the accessible websites and downloads according to the personal needs and tasks of each employee.
Clientless Authentication

Accessing your wirelles network can be easy, fast and safe with the Clientless option. This way just authorized users can use your network, with no need of completing complex registers.

Intern Security

In some situations, the information you have about clients in your system needs to be protected even from your employees. With this resource you can also filter data packages from the web and file sharing between your users of your network.


Safe access wherever you are. Through VPN access authorized users can reach using a notebook, tablet or smartphone confidential data in your network which will be encrypted to assure safety.curity.


Classify the services of your network by relevance. This way, if there is a overload of capacity, it will be possible to prioritize selected fluxes or applications.