Technical Support

The Service Process

Your Need

Our support is ready to attend your needs 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you had an unexpected problem with one of your server or if you scheduled a desktop maintenance. Our qualified professionals are second to none and your computers will be back working sooner than you think.

Reaching Us

If you need to schedule any kind of maintenance or noticed any problem which needs to be solved soon there’s multiple way you can contact us such as Skype or e-mail. You’ll be able to deduct hours of a previously purchased package, acquire a package or buy individual hours.

Technical Visit

Our technician will then visit your company, from this point you can rest assured knowing it’s only a matter of time until everything is fixed  and your company is back working at it’s 100%.

Problem Solved!

After  your problem is solved the hours used to sort it out will be deducted from your package, or, if you have choose to buy individual hours, those hours will then be paid in a convenient way for you.


Miami-Based Office - 24/7

Our main US office is based in Miami, so we can provide support with one of our specialized technicians present in your company, or in one of the main Data Centers around Miami if your data is stored there, i.e. Colohouse, Terremark and Equinix. We do what you need, where you need and when you need.


Corporate Desktop
US$70per Hour

Price US$100

Linux/Windows Server
US$100per Hour

Price US$150

Network Issues
US$100per Hour

Price US$180


WSU Tech is proud of it's successful background, in which we attended numerous companies. With a great variety of needs and working on different kinds of business. From a car reseller to a top flight football club, we have our clients satisfied.
Linux Server

We are specialized working with Linux servers. RedHat, CentOs, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu Server

Linux Server

We offer any support you may need with WinServer. Starting with the version NT4m going through 200, 2003, 2008 and 2012


Openstack allows you to manage multiple virtual infrastructures. It’s basically a OS which operates in the cloud, in a larger scale

Virtualization Plataforms

Simulating Virtual Machines to run different scenarios as requested

IP Calls

Why rely on phone companies when you can have a cheaper and worldwide option?

VPN Services

Encapsulate and Encrypt data moving from or for your private network


We offer you all you need to have a fully-functional network. Switches, routers, firewalls with the quality only WSU can guarantee

Domain Server

Control, within a click, who can access what resources and facilities in your network


Improve security managing how your network reaches the web


We provide you the easiest options for your corporate e-mail

Database Management

Have a management system like Oracle or MySQL taking care of your database

DNS Server

Eu sou um bloco de texto. Clique no botão Editar (Lápis) para alterar o conteúdo deste elemento.

Proxy Server

Have the control of all the requests going through your network

Backup Systems

Better safe than sorry. Don’t take the risk of a mechanic failure ruining your files. Have a backup server.

Monitoring Services

Monitor your network status easily, no matter where you are


Development and management of applications in different frameworks, i.e. Web2Py, Django, NodeJS, ShellScript.

IDS Systems

Detect unauthorized or bad behaving people in your network


Have a Stand-By server. If the main one fails, you don’t get off-line