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Zimbra E-mail
Zimbra is a free e-mail server, powerful and complete it matches your needs. With an unlimited number of users with registered e-mails, Zimbra also has an exclusive corporate chat. By choosing Zimbra, your company will save itself from the monthly costs of an e-mail server.
VoIP Asterisk
What if I tell you it’s possible to talk through your regular phone without being dependent of the taxes applied by phone companies? With Asterisk your company will have a telephonic central connected to the internet (VoIP) with reduced costs and noise-free calls.
Bacula Backup
Bacula is a free software that executes the backup of all your company’s files and e-mails. Usually Bacula is set to do daily backups in the hours your company is not working. If you don’t consider backup an important matter for your company, imagine losing all it’s data.
Productivity and Squid
With Squid proxy it’s possible to restrict access to some of internet’s content in a hierarchic and programmed way. For example: employees from the operational sector can have Facebook access blocked, while the employees from the strategy sector can access Facebook only in the morning, when the chairman has free access.
NetFilter Security
NetFilter is a highly safe free firewall that works protecting your company from hackers who try to steal data, usually information about your clients such as: ID, address, card number etc.
Zabbix Monitoring
Imagine that you were able to foresee your clients’ complaints. Zabbix monitors any service available through web or your own network. With Zabbix is possible to monitor availability and performance of web servers, e-mail servers, databases and much more.

With those tools you won't just make a software upgrade in your company. You'll have a totally different technology experience.


When someone hears about Open Source software, the first thing that usually comes to their mind is the money it'd be saved choosing Open Source over licensed softwares. But since WSU Tech works with Open Source for many years, we can categorically say that the advantages doesn't stop on saving budget. Nothing beats having the last software version of every software you use and a large community looking for improvement and problem solving.


  • Those expansion tools are tested, used and recommended by WSU Tech.
  • Those are softwares free of any buying costs.
  • Zimbra and Asterisk can work together to lower expenses with communication between head office and branches.
  • Those softwares are used worldwide by every kind of company and are among the best open source softwares in the market.
  • Your backups will be saved in hard-disks, magnetic tapes or tape libraries.
  • All those tools can be virtualized by Amazon Services at a very low cost, flexible and highly safe.
  • Minimize costs and maximize performance. This is the goal of this restrict selection of corporative softwares. To acquire them, contact us.